List Of The Best Accounting Sites

The speed of the global marketplace has increased at an exponential rate since the world adopted a global network. Technology advances have increased the efficiency of accounting that it’s hard to keep up. We offer these top online resources for accounting, pertaining to small businesses and start-ups. Since computers are so naturally adept at accounting, you might as well automate as much as you possibly can.

This site is an educational resource for bookkeepers, entrepreneurs, accounting students, and anyone else to master the fundamentals of accounting. It’s a free education site that aims to make material available to the general public. A paid option allows users to access a professional edition of their coursework, with testing and certification. The courses cover debits and credits, equations, balance sheets, income statements, payroll, bonds, investments, and more.

The Sleeter Group is an assembly of over 700 accountants to serve as mutual group consultants and to assist with services where need be. Their fields of expertise cover blockchain and cryptocurrency consulting, executive coaching, software development, and M&A consulting. Joining the Sleeter Group also grants access to webinars, plus QuickBooks reference guides and assessment exams. The group holds an annual conference and trade show highlighting the latest technology in accounting.

The Blunt Bean Counter is the professional blog of Mark Goodfield. With over 25 years of accounting experience, Goodfield is a major industry thought leader online. His blog offers professional accounting insight with enough wit and candor on the side to improve the content. His topics scale to be usable for those with a high net worth and owners of middle-sized businesses.

The Economist is a long-time weekly newspaper based in London, in continuous publication since the year 1843. With a worldwide circulation of 1.5 million, it is the most-read weekly financial publication in the world. Its online equivalent offers a blog with a topic index that includes corporate accounting, as well as world news with an eye on how it impacts the global market.

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A 100% free resource, Accounting For Management is a website offering resources tailored for the small business financial sphere. It’s a tutorial site with lessons, exercises, problems, and calculators as an assistive tutor to those who are studying the accounting field. Geared for academic use, the site’s lessons are elementary, but good for novices to learn some basics.

Evergreen Small Business is a CPA blog offering articles of interest to small business owners who are looking to increase their accounting prowess. It covers topics such as basic tax accounting, business management, financial planning, and matters of concern to budding entrepreneurs. The site founder, Steve Nelson, is a CPA with 30+ years of experience in accounting.

Due Accounting is a company running an accounting category on its company blog, termed the “Accounting Learnatorium.” It’s a resource for small business owners and start-ups to easily handle their taxes and be aware of their options. The blog has a focus on service-based businesses.

Dear Drebit is a novice-friendly bulletin board resource for accounting professionals. It’s run by Rea and Associates, a CPA firm in business since 1938. The site has a question-and-answer format, where financial questions may be asked, answered, and discussed.  

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants is a centralized information resource on the web for financial and accounting industry information. Topics there include industry standards and studies, resources on accounting scholarships and fellowships, FAQs about accounting, and professional development resources. It’s aimed at the student level, complete with a CPE credits program.

The American Accounting Association is another student assistance resource, with a membership program to grant access to a library of accounting study material. Members can attend conferences, present research papers, and build their way towards earning a degree.

ZipBooks is a small accounting software company, offering a system of user-friendly applications for small business needs. It has tiered pricing ranging from free to modest costs for advanced features. Their applications cover bookkeeping, invoicing, and payment systems. For sole proprietors on a budget, this is a downsized accounting suite.

Money Manager EX is an open-source free software application for simple accounting. It’s cross-platform and even runs from a USB drive, making it easy to swap between laptops. It is geared at the home user, sole proprietor, and budding entrepreneur. For basic single-serving bookkeeping, it’s an economical solution.

GNUCash is an open-source, free software application for simple bookkeeping. It is designed for small businesses and sole proprietors, being originally conceived as a free version of Intuit’s Quicken software. While it is a bit old-school, it does have the capability to handle invoicing, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, and other minor tasks.

Whether you’re an accounting student, a new business owner with a kitchen-table office, or an established entrepreneur, we have gathered resources here to help with every need. Happy accounting!